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Welcome to BGPM,


and we hope that you will enjoy your stay. We have a ' Your Forum ', and a Chat Room, so please feel free to visit both. Should you have any problem, Ms Halexzo is only too happy to help, just pm her at the Forum or visit us in the Chat Room where you will often find Bill your WM.


We would also like to advise Webmasters to BEWARE of GPTBoycott.CON for they are not what they proclaim to be. They have NO CREDIBILITY, NO AUTHORITY & most importantly, NO LICENSE! They pretend to help when in fact they profit from your blind belief in them and your donations.


Please FEEL free to read it all at 'Your Forum'.

Like to know more? Please, just ask us, or post at the BGPM 'Your Forum'


Please click to see WHY I_Do_NOT_Support_GPTBoycott.CON!!


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